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Ted was able to get his groove back thanks to our Simple Music Player

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Ted operating his Simple Music Player at home

Why Ted needed our help

Ted has always loved music and had gone from using a record player turntable to a stereo as technology evolved over the years.

However, Ted was recently diagnosed with dementia. As his condition has progressed, he has been finding it increasingly difficult to operate a standard CD player. There are too many fiddly buttons and controls.

What we did

Our team realised that many people, like Ted, could gain a lot from being able to continue to listen to their favourite songs and melodies.

What we needed to do was to design a music player that could offer people living with dementia, other cognitive impairments and visual impairment an easy way to start and stop much-loved tunes.

We set about developing our Simple Music Player. A device that is bright, straightfoward to use and can be pre-loaded by a loved one so it’s all set-up and ready to go.

The main design aspect we included was a flap which you lift and close to start and stop the music – a feature which gives a nod to the kind of record players that Ted would be have been familiar with as a young man.

We know that reminiscence and familiarity are crucial for people who are living with dementia.

How we made a difference

An older man with his daughter looking at the Simple Music Player

Ted’s family gave him the Simple Music Player last Christmas and he has been able to easily listen to his favourite music ever since.

His son told us: “I have recently purchased the Simple Music Player for my dad who has both Parkinson’s and dementia and I wanted to share with you what a success it has been.

“He is and always has been a true gentleman and a kind and witty father and it has been horrible to see him get so down and humiliated sometimes by his illnesses.

“My sister and I gave him the player recently at a family gathering and his smile and obvious enjoyment at being able to play (and dance to!) his favourite music independently ever since has made everyone’s year.

"He was able to work out how to use it very quickly and you could physically see him relax as the music started. An enormous thank you to you and your team for doing what you do!"

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