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How Wizzybug has become an important member of the family for Sienna

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Young girl in a Wizzybug powered wheelchair outside with a dog

Sienna can explore her surroundings and interact with other children, thanks to her Wizzybug.

Why Sienna needed our help

Sienna, 2, was born very prematurely. Sienna was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy which was preventing her from moving around independently.

She would watch her twin sister, Lyla, moving around a room with ease but was unable to do the same.

What we did

We gave Sienna a free Wizzybug through our loan scheme when she was just 18 months old.

She took to her new companion well and named it ‘Winnie’. It took a little bit of time to get to grips with how to use Wizzybug, but now she’s learning some great skills, as her dad told us: “To begin with she was limited to going around and around in circles in the back garden churning up the lawn, which she thought was hilarious!

“During the last 7 months Sienna has become extremely proficient and skillful in her Wizzybug. Something has just ‘clicked’ with her – she can go virtually anywhere in it, from going over cobblestone paths to driving through narrow doorways.”

Young girl in a Wizzybug wheelchair in the garden

How we made a difference

When we designed the Wizzybug, we did it with children in mind. We wanted them to look fun and desirable and nothing like a clinical wheelchair. It needed to be something that children would be happy and proud to use.

“Sienna gets a huge amount of attention when she is out and about in Winnie. It has enabled her to explore her surroundings, interact with other children and develop her spatial awareness.”

“Her Wizzybug enables her to have the same opportunities as any other child. The Wizzybug gives us so much as a family and it didn’t take long for Winnie to be an important part of our lives.“

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