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Pat expresses her happiness at how a bespoke shower trolley has given her back her dignity

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Pat sat in her shower trolley

Pat was able to have her first proper shower in years thanks to a new shower trolley that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Why Pat needed our help

Pat has a severe form of osteogenesis imperfecta, more commonly known as brittle bone disease, which affects all aspects of her life. Her general health and motor skills had worsened over the last few years which was having a significant effect on her overall independence.

She had previously relied on conventional shower chairs to wash, but a deterioration in her condition had made them difficult to use due to her poor posture. Having looked for a better alternative, she couldn’t find anything that would easily fit into her home.

As a result, Pat had become bed-bound and was having to rely on wet wipe wash downs which she found unenjoyable and much less preferable to having a proper shower.

What we did

We spoke at length with Pat, her occupational therapist and her care workers to establish her particular needs and desires for a suitable shower trolley before we started to develop their ideas.

After testing a prototype in her home and making several revisions to the design; we delivered the shower trolley to Pat who was so pleased that she was “beaming from ear to ear”.

Pat being moved in her shower trolley by her occupational therapists






How we made a difference

Pat has now been able to have her first proper shower in over two years. She had recently fallen unwell and, after being able to have a hot shower with the shower trolley, had felt “re-energised”.

The ease of having regular showers has meant that she feels much more comfortable and in less pain.

“When I don’t feel clean, it affects me and having a shower boosts my confidence.”

The shower trolley has had a huge impact across all areas of her life and her positive mood lasts for days after washing in it. Now she is experiencing “no more dead legs” as she was in the previous chair and often has days when she is able to shower and go out of the house on the same day – something that would have barely been possible before.

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