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How Wizzybug has helped Noah to be able to enjoy simple childhood joys

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Happy boy in Wizzybug in a park

Noah is able to go on adventures and experience simple childhood joys many take for granted, thanks to his Wizzybug powered wheelchair.

Why Noah needed our help

Noah, 3, is paraplegic which means that he has no movement from the waist down. Due to his disability, he was confined to being pushed around in a buggy like a baby and could not play with his friends in the park.

The area his family live in do not receive NHS funding for powered wheelchairs and his mum and dad were unable to afford to purchase one themselves.

What we did

We provided Noah with a free Wizzybug powered wheelchair through our Wizzybug Loan Scheme.

He has had his Wizzybug for just over a year now and it has opened up his world, as his mum told us: “With his Wizzybug, Noah can be the adventurous toddler he so desperately wants to be. He can keep up with his friends and choose exactly where he wants to go. He can run away from me and defy me, just like he should be able to!”

Noah looking at a sheep in his Wizzybug powered wheelchair


How we made a difference

Our Wizzybugs do not just change a child’s life, they change the lives of the whole family. A Wizzybug enables children to experience the simple things that many people take for granted.

“Being able to join his sister on a roundabout at the park, or feed the ducks with his daddy, are just some of the things he has been able to do. All things that would have been so much harder or almost impossible without a Wizzybug.”

“Designability hasn't just impacted on Noah's life, it has transformed all of our lives. I am now able to walk alongside my son and hold his hand - something I never thought I would be able to do."

“His daddy can teach him to play football and his sister can race him down the path. He is the envy of all his friends, who all admire his cool ‘car’ and wish they had one.

“Wizzybug is so much fun and gives lots of children with physical needs the chance to be just that; a child. Noah’s quality of life has increased dramatically thanks to Designability.”

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