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Dexter is able to play freely with his twin brother because of Wizzybug

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Dexter in his Wizzybug powered wheelchair in the park with his twin brother

Dexter can play freely with his twin brother, Jackson, thanks to his brand new Wizzybug powered wheelchair.

Why we needed to help

Dexter has been diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is unable to sit unaided, crawl or walk.

He and his twin, Jackson, are 3 years old and are full of cheekiness, humour and energy. The main difference was that Jackson was able to fully express himself through movement while Dexter looked on.

Dexter used to get so frustrated that he couldn’t move around, especially when the family were are out and about around other children running around having fun.

What we did

Dexter’s family came across our Wizzybug Loan Scheme at a children’s disability event taking place near where they lived.

At the time, Dexter was only 18 months so his mum, Leanne, wasn’t convinced about him being able to grasp the independent controls. But, after seating Dexter in one of our demo Wizzybugs at the event, he immediately grabbed the joystick and started moving forwards all by himself.

How we made a difference

Dexter’s mum told us: “I will never forget the first time Dexter sat in a Wizzybug. His little face lit up the moment he discovered he could take control and move around on his own!

“His little face was beaming and it still beams every time he gets in it.”

“We use the Wizzybug at home, at friends’ houses and on days out. It means that Dexter can enjoy having some independence; playing with other children and making his own decisions. He adores his twin brother and they can now play together in a way they couldn’t before.”

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