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Alice and her family speak of how she has found comfort in our reassuring Day Clock

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Alice looks at her Day Clock in her living room

Why Alice needed our help

We had started to become aware that many people, like Alice, were living with dementia and finding it a struggle to tell what time of day it was.

This was leading to frequent wandering, confusion and restless nights.

Alice’s family were finding it difficult to find something already out there that would help to relay clear information to help her to feel reassured and less likely to carry out certain tasks at inappropriate times of the day.

Although they were able to find clock and calendar products on the market, they were simply not simple enough for her needs.

What we did

We worked with people living with dementia, their carers and occupational therapists to identify the key needs of people living with dementia.

By speaking with people who were most affected by the lack of a suitable clock product, we were able to establish the priorities needed to give someone like Alice less anxiety about the time.

Day Clock on the worktop at home


How we made a difference

Upon receiving and using the Day Clock, Alice’s family noticed a significant difference in her happiness and wellbeing.

Her son told us: “My mum was struggling with acknowledging what time of day it was after waking up after a daytime nap or a night’s sleep.

“This was only the start of the issue. Because of the confusion and occasions of her telephoning me late at night, or very early in the morning, she suffered from a lack of sleep which only served to worsen the symptoms of her illness.

“The Day Clock has proved to be the best investment we made for mum since her diagnosis. It has, amazingly, helped all of the family instantly. And mum feels a great sense of relief and reassurance.”

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