We Don’t Want To Wait

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A child in a pushchair, smiling, a child being held by daddy, twin brothers looking at camera

Young, disabled children across the UK need your support. There are many who are still waiting for a Wizzybug powered wheelchair.

Reducing the wait for a Wizzybug

Thanks to your support, we have been able to reduce the time families are waiting for their Wizzybug from 7 months to 4 months.

But, with your help, we can reduce this time even further.

We had to put Wizzybug appointments on hold for months during lockdown. Although they have since restarted, we are struggling to keep up with demand and the backlog created by Covid-19.

We need your help to fund extra resource. We don’t want children to have to wait.

What Wizzybugs offer to children

Wizzybugs benefit children with disabilities like cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy, as well as children who have amputations as a result of illness.

They provide children with the vital opportunity to develop their spatial awareness and movement skills and ensure that they don’t miss out at playtime.

Franky is waiting for a Wizzybug

Family stood outside in woodlands, smiling, holding their young sons in their arms

Kirstie is mum to Franky, 2, who has cerebral palsy and is waiting to get a Wizzybug. She said: “We can’t wait to get the Wizzybug for our son Franky as this will give him a whole new lease of life.

“He is a twin and will be able to keep up with his brother when we are out and about. It will give him some new found independence.

“I cannot wait to see the smile on my boy’s face when he is finally able to sit in his Wizzybug. Most of us take getting from A to B for granted but hopefully soon Franky will be able to do just that.”

Let's get children mobile sooner

Occupational therapist stood in full PPE behind three Wizzybug powered wheelchairs

Kathryn Earle, Children’s Occupational Therapist at Designability, said: “This year we have all had to put a lot of important things on hold and have been waiting to be able to see loved ones, return to the workplace and much more.

“But the wait for a powered wheelchair for a child who is unable to move themselves independently is something we do not want to delay any longer than we have to.

"Most children move on from Wizzybug by 5 years old so waiting too long could mean that some children will have almost outgrown it before they have even received it."

“As a small charity, we need to be able to fund the extra resource we need to get the waiting time down quicker. We want to be able to see more children and build more Wizzybugs sooner rather than later.”

How you can support the appeal

Please note: Any donations received above or below the amount needed to fund extra resource will be used to support the ongoing running costs of Designability.