Making Wizzybug more user-friendly and easy to use for families

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Product designer sketching on post-it wall next to a father and son (son is seated in a Wizzybug powered wheelchair)

What is needed

We want to continue to improve our Wizzybug powered wheelchairs so that they are even more user-friendly for families to use. This will help to enhance the child and family’s experience.

What we did

Home visits

In late 2019, our design team carried out some home visits with Wizzybug families to understand how Wizzybug is used and to identify opportunities to enhance and improve the product experience.

With heads brimming full of ideas, the team got together in February 2020 for a ‘Design Day’ to share feedback from the visits and to discuss new ideas that could improve the Wizzybug experience.

Review of other feedback

We carried out a further in-depth review of previous product feedback and surveys and had discussions with key staff from the workshop and occupational therapy teams.

As a result, we established that product usability was a key area to focus on and explore further. We uncovered various opportunities to make Wizzybug more intuitive to use and easier to physically interact with.

What we have been working on from home and in the workshop

Ideation phase

The most recent focus of this project has taken us though an ‘ideation’ (idea generation) phase where we have developed concepts for new Wizzybug product features through sketching.

We are currently in the process of reviewing these designs as a team which is really valuable because different people offer different views, experiences and perspective. We are currently unable to gather in person as a group so we have had to adapt to collaborating remotely.

To enable our team to review our concept designs, we created two methods for offering feedback, both of which our team can add notes and sketches to. We added our sketches to an ideas wall in our workshop for individual team members to review in person and set-up an online version for members of the team to feed back remotely.

Next steps

We have begun to explore how we could make Wizzybug easier to use and more inclusive for everyone who interacts with it.

For example:

  • New labels may support a child’s carer in understanding how to assemble the parts of Wizzybug and prevent the user from assembling the product incorrectly
  • Reducing the strength required to carry out particular actions can prevent user discomfort
  • Optimising the size of features so that people with very small or very large hands are able to interact with the product comfortably, safely and effectively

These changes may seem small, but they have the potential to greatly improve the product experience for many.


The next phase for this project will see us build the designs into physical prototypes. We will be developing early prototypes to help us quickly refine and test our ideas. Prototyping is an essential part of our process because it enables us to explore how feasible new ideas are; quickly identify opportunities for improvement; provides a means to test concepts with users and offers a demonstration of what features could look like and how they might work.

New features for Wizzybug

As part of this usability work, we have come up with some ideas for new product features. You’ll have to watch this space for updates on those!