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Weighted Ruler

Giving people the ability to carry out tasks with a ruler using only one hand

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The Challenge

There are many occasions when we need to use a ruler to measure and draw a straight line for a technical drawing or an arts and craft project. Using a ruler with only one hand is very difficult because the ruler needs to be securely anchored.

This particular challenge was raised by Alex. Alex was about to embark on an electronic engineering degree and came to us for our help to design a weighted ruler to use as part of his university course. A stroke in 2015 meant he only has the use of one hand which was creating practical difficulties when performing certain tasks that usually require two hands: one to stabilise and the other to perform the task.

Our Design Process

Alex shared design ideas for a weighted ruler which he wanted us to help him to develop. We were able to take his initial design concepts on board and develop them to create an effective weighted ruler.

This required sourcing a ruler with non-slip material on the base which we then added sufficient weight to for stability.

The Outcome

Alex now has an effective ruler which he can use easily with one hand. He reported that using the weighted ruler ‘works perfectly’.

Carolyn saw Alex’s story on our website and contacted us about her husband, Dan, who was also only able to use one hand following a stroke. Dan enjoys drawing and also needed a weighted ruler.

Carolyn reported back on their experience:

“The ruler is working well! At first, I was afraid it was not heavy enough, and would move when Dan pushed against it -- but in fact, it seems to be fine and he is using it every day."

The weighted ruler could offer some assistance to many people who are one handed, or who are experiencing difficulty when using their hands.

It is now available to buy for anyone who would find this ruler helpful in school, work or at home.

Benefits and Features

  • Traditional aluminium safety ruler with non-slip rubber strips
  • With added weight

Specifications and Guides

Measuring Length: 30 cm / 12 inch

Overall Length: 31.5 cm

Width: 3.5cm
Weight: 250 grams

Where to order

You can order Weighted Rulers directly from us at Designability where we build them to order in our workshop.

Please note: Our current lead times may be extended due to safe working practices being in operation.

£24.99 (including carriage and packing)

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