Product case study

Wander Reminder

A personalised messaging system which helps people with dementia to maintain their daily routine

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The Challenge

People who are living with dementia often find it difficult to maintain their daily routine without some kind of assistance from friends, family or support staff.

We wanted to design a familiar voice message unit which would remind people with memory problems not to go out of their homes at inappropriate times of the day.

The Outcome

“The equipment has been a brilliant asset. The taped message stops him from walking out again and advises him to go back into his home and also to phone me at home so that I can reassure him.”
“A lot easier to install than expected and was accepted by Mrs. G.”

Benefits and Features

Simply record your personalised verbal message, place the minder at the approach to the doorway and set the timer to operate the minder at particular times of the day e.g. night time.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Uses infra-red motion detection to sense movement
  • Reliable and inexpensive technology
  • Mains adaptor (included) or battery operated (batteries included)
  • Requires no technical adaptations to the home
  • System can be left free-standing or hooked on wall
  • Memo minder, timer and mains adaptor included in the system

Where to order

The Wander Reminder is available from these online stores