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School Chair Foot Rest

Supporting children with restricted growth to feel comfortable in the classroom

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School Foot Rest product

The Challenge

Some children and young people find that standard classroom chairs are unsuitable for their needs due to being shorter in stature. Many others may have postural difficulties which also affects their ability to feel comfortable in a school environment.

They may not require the need of a specialist chair but their feet need adequate support to help reduce fatigue, improve their posture and/or offer assist transfer on and off of their chair.

The Outcome

The School Chair Foot Rests provide extra support to ‘normal’ chairs which children prefer to a specialised chair.

They have gone on to help even more than just children aged 4 – 14 years who have restricted growth (dwarfism), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or other neuromuscular conditions.

The feedback we have received has confirmed that they help to improve postural stability which, in turn, increases the ability for children to perform fine motor, table top activities as they have a better base for support.

The use of a foot rest has been shown to reduce the risk of contractures by facilitating a good functional sitting position.

Benefits and Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Folds under chair to allow access for transfers and storage
  • Lab stool version available

Specifications and Guides

Fixes to chair with tubular legs from approx. 20mm to 22mm in diameter and with a leg span of approx. 360mm to 580mm
Width: approx. 340mm
Depth: approx. 160mm
Height: approx. 100mm to 175mm in 12mm steps
Weight: approx. 1.1kg

Where to order

You can order School Chair Foot Rests directly from us at Designability where we build them to order in our workshop.

£99.00 (excluding VAT) £118.80 (including VAT)

Carriage and packing is additional, and is at cost.

VAT Exemption: This product qualifies for VAT exemption. If you are eligible to claim VAT exemption we will send you a form to complete when you place your order.

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