Product case study

One Button Digital Radio

An ideal solution for people with memory problems, poor coordination or visual impairment to operate a radio with ease

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One Button Radio product

The Challenge

People living with dementia and their carers reported to us the challenges they face in continuing to enjoy listening to the radio. The complexity of controls and the ease with which it is possible to de-tune the radio and end up with the distressing white noise that occurs between stations, often results in individuals giving us trying to use their radio at all. We decided to design a simple design to allow easy use and protect against accidiently de-tuning.

The Outcome

We designed a simple cap to sit over the top of an Roberts radio to simplify use and safeguard the controls.

Our Design Process

We worked with users and their families to test design options. The chosen design was the one favoured by users and delivering a cost-effective solution.

Benefits and features

  • The portable Roberts Elise DAB/FM RDS radio can be easily set to the preferred station, volume and tone before fastening our specially designed secure cover
  • The radio can then be switched on and off by pushing the yellow button

Specifications and Guides

Roberts Elise DAB/FM RDS portable radio (black), mains power supply and Designability cover provided.
Dimensions: approx. 15 cm (height) x 25 cm (width) x 8 cm (depth)
Weight: approx. 800 g
Suitable for mains or battery operation
Headphone socket
Batteries: 6 x LR14 / C Size (not included)

Where to order

Unfortunately, the Roberts Radio we designed this product with is no longer available.

In order to make this available, we would have to source a new radio and carry out a re-design which we do not have the capacity of funding to do at this present time.