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Reviewing GPS trackers for people who are living with dementia

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Carrying out expert reviews of GPS trackers on the market

Unforgettable asked us to conduct expert reviews of some GPS trackers that are currently available on the market for people living with dementia.

They asked for our input because of our significant experience of working with people living with dementia, and their families and carers, to develop products that meet real needs.

We carried out critical reviews for each of the 10 GPS trackers that were supplied to us for testing. The assessment criteria included:

  • Ease of use – packaging and instructions provided
  • Usefulness – how it would work in different scenarios
  • Look and feel – the quality of the product and its appearance

Assessing the features and benefits of each product

Designability focussed on the features and benefits of the products in a way that demonstrates how each product might support different user scenarios. There is often no single best product for everyone, but rather ones which suit different customers.

The following categories of device were comprehensively reviewed:

  • Wrist worn GPS devices
  • GPS enabled cellular phone handsets (non-smart phone)
  • Small GPS devices carried in pocket, bag or neck worn
  • GPS enabled smart phones and apps

The team worked closely with Unforgettable to decide on the best way to present the findings so that it could be used effectively on their website. It included an expert statement on each product as well as more in-depth feedback on specific features, and recommendations for customers on the suitability of the product for their specific situations.