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Designing a smart system to remind people to take their medication

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Working with Folium Optics to develop 'My Health Tags'

Folium Optics approached us to help them to design and develop a smart medication management system called My Health Tags. Their aim was to find a way to help older people to manage their medicines.

Up to 50% of prescribed medicines are not taken as the prescriber intended. Unintentional non-adherence and underuse leads to a lack of health improvement and a waste of valuable resources.

Speaking with older people to develop the system to their needs

Folium Optics wanted to use our expertise to engage older people in the design and development of the My Health Tags system. This human-centred design approach ensured that the design of the product is informed by those who will be using the product.

We designed the hardware and user interface for the prototype product, recruited older people to help evaluate the product and set up the testing of the technology with healthy volunteers in their own home. This testing offered the opportunity for Folium to check that the system functioned as it should do in a domestic setting.

The next steps

We are continuing to support Folium Optics to test the system with patients who are living with heart conditions with help from the Bristol Heart Institute.

Folium Optics are currently seeking commercial partners to help to take the product to market.