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Giving guidance to those who could help to change lives in the future

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Sitting at a table with a group of college students

We are keen to support the education of future designers, engineers, clinicians and scientists.

Inspiring students to follow a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics

Education cuts across all of our activities and ranges from work experience placements for secondary school students, participation in design and technology courses, through to undergraduate and postgraduate project support.

We believe in inspiring students as early as possible to think about how good design can change lives for the better. We are especially proud that several secondary school students who have come to Designability for work experience have gone on to study applicable degrees with a real passion for creating products for good.

Teaming up with universities to support undergraduates

Our partnership with both the University of Bath and the University of the West of England includes supporting engineering and physics undergraduates with their assistive technology projects. We are passionate about the benefits of guiding students through our human-centred design process, to support their understanding of living with a disability and the challenges that their intended clients would face day-to-day. Undergraduates who have worked with us have helped us design and prototype products such as a head support for individuals with poor neck strength and a potential redesign of the Wizzybug.

In addition, our researchers supervise and support doctoral training programmes with a number of academic partners, including the University of Bath and the University of Ulster.

Our programme of engagement with other third sector organisations, carers groups and members of the public to highlight the benefits and opportunities of assistive technologies. We do this through our annual public lectures, our Assisted Living Action Network (ALAN) and podcasts.  One of our designers, Jess Ridgers, also gave a TedX talk.

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If you would like to know more about our educational programmes, please email us at info@designability.org.uk.