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Helping you to find an individualised answer to a challenge you may be facing

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A design engineer working on a bespoke solution in our workshop

We are able to create and find innovative solutions for disabled children and adults who are living with disabilities in the UK.

Products that are as unique as you are

If a suitable product already exists, we will try to help you find it, but we understand that sometimes off-the-shelf assistive products do not fit what a person requires to live independently.

If it doesn’t, our Occupational Therapist will be able to discuss what type of bespoke product might suit your needs.

We do have limited resources to support this work and we may refer you to other local or national organisations who offer this service.

How does it work?

1. The first step is to get in touch with us- anyone can apply to be considered for a bespoke solution. We receive requests from parents, carers, disabled people and therapists.

2. Once we receive your enquiry our Occupational Therapist will let you know about any existing solutions we identify.

3. If it is likely that there are no suitable solutions, we may be able to offer to work with you to explore a bespoke solution.

4. Sometimes we are not able to help (due to our capacity and resources). In this instance we will let you know, and suggest other charities or organisations that may be able to help.

How do I apply?

Give us a call to discuss your idea on 01225 824103.

Alternatively, you can download an enquiry form and return your product idea to us by post.

Post your enquiry back to us