Our organisation

How we’re funded

Designability's work is only possible because of the generous support from our donors and funders. Our income comes from a range of sources and this allows us to deliver against the promises we make to our beneficiaries year on year.

Funding sources

As a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, we are funded by four main income streams:

1. Charitable donations
From charitable trusts, corporate organisations and individuals.

2. Research grants
From government-funded research councils.

3. Product royalties and sales income
We receive modest income from product sales  and royalties which help us to continue our current not-for-profit projects.

4. Consultancy income
We deliver selected consultancy services to individuals and organisation where we feel our contribution will help to deliver better products and services to our beneficiaries.

Our 2018/19 income

In 2018/19 our income was broken down as follows:

A – Donation – 70%
B – Sales & Royalties – 19%
C – Research Grants – 9%
D – Consultancy Services – 1%
E – Other – 1%