November 30, 2022

How a free powered wheelchair has transformed Euan’s life

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Euan has been able to explore the world around him for the first time thanks to his Wizzybug powered wheelchair on loan from Designability.

The opportunity to move, learn and play

Euan, 3, from Bristol, has a very rare genetic syndrome which means he has very low muscle tone and is non-verbal. It also means that he is unable to walk and can only shuffle along on his bottom.

In March, he received a Wizzybug free of charge from Designability. The Wizzybug gives Euan the opportunity to move, learn and play, without being limited by his disability.

His mum, Jen, said: “It’s often hard to know how much he understands of the world around him, but within a month of having the Wizzybug he had worked out how to make it go exactly where he wanted to go! His favourite thing to do in it is exploring different textures like fences and trees, he’s less keen on going where the rest of us want to go!

“We have enjoyed taking Wizzybug along for him to use in local safe, outdoor environments like parks, Westonbirt Arboretum and Greenbelt Festival.

“At the festival he loved exploring the kids’ area independently, especially flapping the windows of the toy playhouse with his sister poking her head out of it! He even managed to steer it all the way into a crowded crafting marquee, before looking around and deciding it wasn’t for him, turned around and navigated out again without any crashes!

“It’s these moments that bring such joy to us all and gives us hope for the future.

Wizzybug helps Euan to explore and play with other children

Wizzybug powered wheelchairs were designed by Designability and have been provided to families across the UK since 2011. In over ten years, they have helped over 1,000 disabled children to gain independence and mobility.

The Wizzybugs have a positive impact on children, but they also have fantastic benefits for the whole family who can engage and interact in a way they couldn’t before.

Jen added: “Euan’s big sister Lillian loves it when we take the Wizzybug out because she enjoys watching him explore the environment freely.

“We had his 3rd birthday party in a park specifically so we could bring his Wizzybug, Euan zoomed around with the other children whilst they hunted for treasure and played hide and seek.”

For the next week, your donation to support Wizzybugs will be DOUBLED

We have launched a fundraising appeal this week through The Big Give to try and raise money to fund more Wizzybug powered wheelchairs for young disabled children under 5.

Every donation we receive from now until 12noon on  Tuesday 6 December will be doubled thanks to match-funding.

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