Wizzybug children enjoy free day out to CBeebies Land

Five children in Wizzybug powered wheelchairs posing with characters at CBeebies Land

A group of young disabled children supported by our Wizzybug Loan Scheme got to enjoy a family meet-up in their Wizzybug powered wheelchairs at CBeebies Land at the weekend.

Meeting Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle

The children, who range in age from 2 to 4, were invited along by Merlin’s Magic Wand free of charge to meet other children like them and give parents the chance to talk with others who are caring for a child with a disability.

They got to meet Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle and have fun on many of the rides and activities that the park has to offer.

Getting the chance to Wizz around together

The children’s disabilities mean that they are unable to walk unaided which limits their ability to play. Thankfully, their Wizzybugs enabled them to explore the park as they chose.

The Jerram family went along with their son Bertie, 2. His mum, Cheryl, said:

“This Wizzybug day out meant a lot to us as a family because it gave Bertie the chance to meet other children that are lucky enough to have a Wizzybug. To meet in such a fun environment is wonderful and we are very grateful!”

Powered mobility equipment is costly to buy and is not generally available through the NHS for children under 5. We designed and manufactured the Wizzybug several years ago and continue to build each one in our small workshop in the south west of England.

Fiona Cromwell, Marketing and Fundraising Officer at Designability, said: “Our Wizzybug Loan Scheme gives very young children the chance to experience their first wheels.”

“Wizzybugs were designed with children in mind and give them the opportunity to play more freely with their friends and family. We are forever told how valuable they are in helping them to learn vital movement skills, spatial awareness and a taste of independence.”

“Thanks to the generosity of Merlin’s Magic Wand who gifted the families the tickets, we’ve been able to extend our support to enable the families to socialise together and support one another, too.”

Sandra Hazel, Head of Merlin’s Magic Wand said; “Merlin’s Magic Wand unlocks the magic of Merlin attractions for seriously ill and disabled children. We were delighted work with Designability to ensure the Wizzybug children could have freedom to explore all that Alton Towers Resort and CBeebies Land has to offer, spend quality time together and have fun!”

Support the Wizzybug Loan Scheme

We would like to be able to help more children to have a free Wizzybug through our UK loan scheme. If you could support us with a donation or fundraising event, please email our fundraising team or call us on 01225 824103.