The Memory Technology Gallery moves to a bigger and better home

Assistive technology displayed on top of cabinet

Are you caring for someone living with dementia? Then the Memory Technology Gallery may be able to help you.

A new space at the Royal United Hospital, Bath

Our Memory Technology Gallery service has now relocated to the new Brownsword Therapies Centre at the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

You will be able to find us in room F13 which has been set-up in the style of a living space featuring a bed, chairs and other furniture to show where the technology and other helpful products would be situated in a real life environment.

Families and medical professionals can still expect the same demonstration of assistive technology designed to make life easier for people living with memory problems, including:

  • GPS trackers and safety devices
  • Orientation products, e.g. Day Clock
  • Adaptive clothing and slippers
  • Leisure and hobby products, including puzzles and reminiscence items
  • Easy-to-use music players and telephones
  • Bedtime aids, e.g. nightlight
  • Eating/drinking equipment and medicine reminders

Building on six years of service success

The Memory Technology Gallery first launched in 2013 to provide a way to showcase the range of products that can help with orientation, reminiscence, prompts and reminders and reassurance – all key factors for those living with dementia and their carers.

Claire Raven, technology demonstrator for the gallery, said: “We are delighted to have this new space which will allow us to showcase more products and provides a bright, relaxing environment in which to welcome families and people with living with dementia.

“It will enable us to have more meaningful conversations and will hopefully lead to more people benefiting from the service.

"When someone you know is diagnosed with dementia, it can be difficult to work out which products might make a difference. We want to be able to help."

Find out more

Two women sat on chairs looking at adaptive waistcoat

We would like to invite you along to one a festive open day taking place on:

Wednesday 4 December at 10:30am – 12:30pm.

For any general product enquiries, please email Claire, technology demonstrator, on or call 07798 676994.