Sketching Skills: Top Tips from Jess Ridgers, Industrial Designer

Hands sketching a Bud Sensory Cushion

Fancy getting a little bit creative? Why not do a bit of sketching with us?

Putting pen or pencil to paper

Watch as our industrial designer, Jess Ridgers, draws our Bud sensory cushion to demonstrate how simple it can be to get started on some sketching yourself.

Have a little break out of your day and take a few minutes to sketch-a-long. Please share this with anyone you think may find it satisfying to watch or take part in!

First of all, you will need:

  • Marker paper
  • A couple of black drawing pens (I used a lighter 0.2pt and a heavier one about 1pt)
  • Marker pens (ideally at least a couple of tones of each colour)
  • A fair amount of space for moving and for turning the paper as you go

Sketch-a-long with Jess

  1. Begin with a lighter black drawing pen.
  2. Relax your shoulders and arms.
  3.  Imagine where you want to place each line before you draw it. Sketch each line in one motion. Try to avoid using numerous lines to effectively create one.
  4. Try using your shoulder to create the movement for drawing larger circles. It does take a bit of practice, but you will find the circle will be smoother.
  5. Consider where you want to place the line before you put pen to paper. I find placing the pen on the paper at the start point and then looking at the “destination” point helps.
  6. Move the paper around as you go so that you are placing it in the most comfortable and natural position for you to draw each line.
  7. Imagine where the light hits the product. The further away the light source, the darker the features become.
  8. Using pen rather than pencil will help build your confidence with drawing.
  9. A heavier pen can emphasise edges and make it look more 3D by giving the effect of a shadow.

How did you do?

We hope those pointers were enough to get you started.

Please show us your finished masterpiece on social media by tagging @DesignabilityUK if you do give it a go. Or email them to us.

Look out for more of sketching skills videos coming soon!

The Bud Sensory Cushion

The Bud Sensory Cushion offers comfort, relaxation and personalised activity to people living with dementia.