Moving into a new workshop as Designability continues to grow

Our new workshop in Bath will enable us to help even more people living with a disability.

An exciting new chapter for Designability

We are pleased to share that we have relocated our production to a bigger workshop on Wells Road, Bath in a move which will mean we can help even more children and adults living with a disability.

Our workshop activity had previously been split between another location in the city and a small workshop space at our main offices based at the Royal United Hospital.

Martin Rouse, workshop manager at Designability, said:

“This marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Designability. We have had much of our machinery and production activity based at the hospital since 1987.

“Our production work has grown significantly over time, forcing us to seek external workspace in 2015, followed by additional external storage.

“This larger workshop will allow us to concentrate all our workshop activities, giving us far more space to build Wizzybugs for young children, engineer prototypes for new products and test and manufacture our new designs.”

868 Wizzybugs and counting...

We are best known for the Wizzybug powered wheelchair which we designed for children under 5 who are living with a disability. To date, we have built 868 in Bath, most of which have been provided to families in the UK free of charge through a charitably-funded loan scheme.

We also ship some Wizzybugs abroad to distributors in countries including France, Israel, Norway, Canada and Australia who then ensure they reach the children who could benefit.