Heidi’s Christmas card design chosen by DM Thomas to be sent out across UK & Europe

Designability has received a number of grants from DM Thomas Foundation for Young People. As part of this, DMTFYP has supported our Wizzybug Loan Scheme over a number of years with grants totalling £31,500.

The Foundation asked for our help with their 2017 Christmas card design. We contacted one of our families, and Heidi drew a fantastic festive photo of Father Christmas. Included in the picture of the children was a wheelchair user. Inspired by her little brother Noah, who uses a Wizzybug, Heidi wanted to include everybody of all abilities.


Heidi’s was the first design to be submitted to the Foundation, which received tens of lovely Christmassy pictures. We were delighted when we heard that Heidi’s design was chosen to be produced into cards, which the Foundation would issue to its supporters across the UK and Europe.

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People was established in 2000 as Hilton in the Community  Foundation. Its mission is to Transform Young Lives and does this by fundraising and making grants to projects helping disadvantaged, sick and disabled children and young people.