Giving people choice at Christmas and all year round

A Christmas survey to find out the nation’s festive favourites

A gift from Storm Consultancy

We have teamed up with Bath digital agency Storm Consultancy to ask the nation about what they choose to eat, watch and wear at Christmas.

Storm, who chose Designability as their local Charity of the Year, have designed and built a map and survey which people can complete to share what they love most at this time of year.

The results are then displayed on an interactive UK map so that people can view how people have voted.

Enabling people to have a choice

Fiona Cromwell, marketing and communications officer, said: “We are hoping that this campaign will tell people a bit more about what we do, whilst giving people the opportunity to compare how taste differs around the country.

“We create products to give people with disabilities greater choice and independence. Having a choice at Christmas, and all year round, is important for everyone.”

Please consider making a donation if you can

We are asking for donations from anyone who wants to support us to continue to spread good cheer throughout the year.

Do you love eating roast potatoes and Twix chocolates in a posh dress while watching Love Actually? Take part and share your choices online: