Free Day out at Legoland for Wizzybug families

Lots of families standing together with children in Wizzybug wheelchairs at the entrance to Legoland

11 Wizzybug families enjoyed a free day out at Legoland Windsor on Tuesday 17th July thanks to tickets donated by Merlin's Magic Wand. A world record!

A world record of 11 Wizzybugs together having fun

A group of young disabled children had an amazing day at Legoland Windsor on Tuesday.

The children, who range from aged 1 to 5, were invited along free of charge to meet other children like them, give parents the chance to talk with others who are caring for a child with a disability and have fun together in their fun and innovative Wizzybug wheelchairs which have been provided free of charge as part of the Wizzybug Loan scheme, run by Bath based charity Designability.

They visited Miniland, rode on the DUPLO train, watched the “Pirate” stunt show and experienced the oasis of calm in the Enchanted Forest.

The children’s disabilities mean that they are unable to walk unaided which limits their ability to play.  Thankfully, the loan of a Wizzybug powered wheelchair means that they could explore the park and play with others like them.



Mum Anna-Marina Dearsley summed up the day

“Emerson is still buzzing from his fab day out yesterday at Legoland.  His favourite part of the day was going on the apprentice mini rollercoaster and the hot air balloon ride,  oh, and the merry-go-round.  Too many good rides to mention.

Being able to be independent and choose where he wanted to go was so nice to see.  He tackled the crowds of excited children and adults with confidence and navigated his Wizzybug like a professional driver.

He was even a little cheeky and decided to go off and get himself some ice cream”

Free loan scheme for under 5s

Powered mobility equipment is costly to buy and is not generally available through the NHS for children under 5.  Designability has offered the Wizzybug free loan scheme since 2011 and to date over 550 families have benefited from the loan of a Wizzybug.

Caroline Grange, Marketing Officer at Designability said: “Our Wizzybug Loan Scheme gives very young children the chance to experience their first wheels.  Wizzybugs were designed with very young children in mind and give them the opportunity to play more freely with their friends and family.  We are forever told how valuable to socialise together and support one another too.

Help us to build more Wizzybugs

Our small workshop team build all of our Wizzybugs in Bath and funds are needed to build more Wizzybugs and provide appointments for children to be assessed for one.

We are looking for people to support us to reach 1000 Wizzybugs. Do get in touch if you can help.