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Features and Specifications

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Wizzybug Skimatic electric powered wheelchair

We build Wizzybugs onsite in Bath using locally sourced components.

Intended users

Wizzybug is intended for pre-school children of minimum age of 14 months and a maximum weight of 20 kg.

Intended purpose

Wizzybug is an electrically powered wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use. It is intended for physically disabled children, with adult supervision.

Suitability (Contraindications)

Wizzybug is not suitable for every child. For full details about suitability and contraindications, see the ‘Instructions for Use’ on the Resources for Families page.

Key features

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including “off-road”
  • Flexible seating, allowing tilt-in-space, recline/upright and seat depth adjustment
  • Postural support, including harness, headrest and thoracic supports
  • Easily adjusted without tools as your child grows
  • Can be controlled by a joystick or switches, or by a carer control
  • Can be taken apart for one person to transport in a small car

Loan Scheme

We have a Wizzybug Loan Scheme to provide Wizzybugs free of charge to children who could benefit. Families with a Loan Scheme Wizzybug can enjoy full, free technical support and access to Designability therapy support throughout the loan period.



For full specification information, please see the ‘Instructions for Use’ on the Resources for Families page.

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