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A family in the park with a Wizzybug

Here you will find all the information you should need to get to grips with using and caring for your Wizzybug.

If you have any technical problems which cannot be resolved using the information below please contact us by email at or by calling 01225 824103 and asking for Martin, or 01225 824014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Help! I’ve accidentally locked the Wizzybug, what do I do?

If you think you have accidentally locked Wizzybug (the lights flash backwards and forwards, then it beeps and turns off again), try unlocking by making sure Wizzybug is turned on at the back and front, and then pressing the horn button 3 times in quick succession (for the Shark model). For the DX model, if there is a flashing red key, swipe a magnet sideways over the control pad.  Contact us on 01225 824103 if you still need help.

2. Am I able to get a battery with a longer charge?

All our Wizzybug families start off with a standard battery which suits most children very well.  If your child is able to use Wizzybug independently for long periods during the day and the charging time is not sufficient, please contact us and ask to be put on the waiting list for an upgrade battery which will extend the range. We’ll contact you when we have received funding for an upgrade battery or when an upgrade battery becomes available.

P.S. Remember to turn the lights off while Wizzybug is charging, and not to run the battery completely flat to avoid having to jump-start it later!

3. Is it possible to travel with Wizzy?

Wizzybug can be taken with you in the car, on public transport and also on a plane.

Wizzybug doesn’t have built-in hoisting points. Please put the brakes on when transporting Wizzy.  It’s not safe for your child to be seated in Wizzybug while travelling in a car or on school transport.

Many Wizzybug families have flown with Wizzybug. You will need to ring the airline in advance and give Wizzybug dimensions and the battery type. The standard battery is a sealed lead-acid type battery, and the upgrade battery is a nickel-metal hydrate battery (NiMH). Please see the travel instructions below for a handy print-out to use if you wish to fly with Wizzybug.

4. Can Wizzybug be used in all weather conditions?

The joystick is shower-proof, so you can drive with Wizzybug through a light rain shower without worrying. Please find shelter if it rains heavily, or carry an emergency rain poncho with you!

Some families have managed to clamp a sun umbrella onto the Wizzybug metal parts for hot summer days. Please do not drill any holes into Wizzybug to fix additional accessories. Please do not leave Wizzybug inside a conservatory or uncovered in the boot of a car for any length of time on very hot days. This may cause the red Wizzybug body to expand slightly and then the seat fixture becomes loose.

5. How can I discuss my child’s progress in Wizzybug?

Please ring us on 01225 824103 and ask to speak to one of our occupational therapists. Every child has a different rate of progress and ability; we are very happy to discuss these and to give you handy tips on an individual basis.

6. Is there a forum for Wizzybug families to swap ideas and chat?

Yes, there is a closed Facebook page. If your child already has a Wizzybug and you would like to join, please email us to request to join.

7. How do we return our Wizzybug so another child can benefit?

Please phone us on 01225 824103 to discuss how to return Wizzybug to Designability.

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