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A family in the park with a Wizzybug

Here you will find out more about your Wizzybug using the links and Frequently Asked Questions below.

Instructions for Use

Please read the Instructions for Use carefully. They include important information on how to use and look after Wizzybug safely. There is also a handy troubleshooting section at the end.

Never adapt Wizzybug in any way without our permission, because this could have serious safety implications.

How to measure your child for a Wizzybug

If you would like to apply for a free Wizzybug, you will need to include details of your child’s measurements. Please take a look at our How to measure your child for a Wizzybug guide for more information, or, if you prefer, watch our video guide here.

Wizzybug Information Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Help! The joystick isn’t working – what should I do?

If you cannot use the joystick controller after pressing the joystick ON/OFF button, it may be accidentally locked.

On a locked Shark controller, the joystick lights scroll right to left, then the joystick beeps and turns off. To unlock it, press the joystick ON/OFF button then press the horn 3 times quickly.

On a locked DX controller, there is a flashing red key symbol. To unlock it, slide the blue magnetic key (supplied with Wizzybug) over the joystick display.

On a locked LiNX controller, a red, amber and green light flash three times together. To unlock it, press the horn twice within ten seconds and it will beep to confirm it is unlocked.

On a locked LiNX Plus controller, a padlock symbol shows on the screen. Unlock it by pressing and holding buttons I and II for several seconds.

2. The battery does not last long enough – what should I do?

First, make the most of the battery life by following the charging advice in the Instructions for Use or the ‘How to charge Wizzybug’ video. (This includes switching off the lights during charging, and never letting the battery go completely flat.)

Most families find that, if looked after, the standard battery lasts for long enough between charges.

However, if the battery life is not long enough for your child to use it as much as they want to, please get in touch to discuss possible options.

3. Can we travel with Wizzybug?

Yes, you can take Wizzybug in a car, on public transport or even on a plane.

In a vehicle: Never let your child sit in Wizzybug, and always engage the front wheels to stop Wizzybug rolling about and being damaged. Wizzybug does not have hoisting points. Only ever lift Wizzybug with two people (see ‘How to lift Wizzybug safely’ video), or take Wizzybug apart so you can lift it safely on your own (see our ‘How to take Wizzybug apart’ video).

In a plane: If you are travelling by plane, it is really important that you contact your airline in advance. Follow our handy travel guides for more details:

  • If you have a LiFePO4 (“Lithium”) battery, use the cut-out guide in the back of the Instructions for Use.

If you have any other type of battery, use the travel document below:

4. Can we use Wizzybug in all weather conditions?

Rain: Wizzybug can be driven safely in light rain showers, but please find shelter in heavy rain, or carry an emergency rain poncho with you!

Sun: On hot sunny days, you could clamp a sun umbrella to the metal parts of Wizzybug, but please do not drill any holes into Wizzybug.

Heat: On very hot days, be careful not to leave Wizzybug in hot places (such as car boots or conservatories) for any length of time.

5. How can I discuss my child’s progress in Wizzybug?

Please ring us on 01225 824103 and ask to speak to our occupational therapy team. Every child has a different rate of progress and ability; we are very happy to discuss these and to give you handy tips on an individual basis.

6. Can I contact other Wizzybug families to swap ideas and chat?

Yes, there is a closed Facebook page. If your child already has a Wizzybug and you would like to join, please email us and ask to join.

You could also take a look at our Wizzybug Days Out suggestions for more ideas:

7. What happens when my child has finished using Wizzybug?

If you have a Loan Scheme Wizzybug and  your child no longer needs it, please phone us on 01225 824103 to discuss how to return your Wizzybug to Designability so another child can benefit from it.

If your child might benefit from a powered wheelchair when they have finished using Wizzybug, do discuss this with your local therapist well before the end of the loan, to make the changeover as seamless as possible.

Some possible next powered wheelchairs are described in our “Following on from Wizzybug” document:

Still require further help?

For technical or maintenance questions, email us or call 01225 824103 or 01225 824104 and ask for the workshop.

For questions about your child or their progress, call 01225 824103 and ask to speak to our occupational therapy team.