Who we are

Wizzybug powered wheelchair loan scheme

Little boy in his Wizzybug with his mum and dad in the park

Who's the loan scheme for?

There is often no NHS funding for powered mobility for very young children, so we fundraise to make Wizzybugs available, FREE of charge, to children in the British Isles who could benefit from them.

Thanks to the generosity of our funders, we have been able to provide over 1,000 families with Wizzybugs since we started the loan scheme in 2011.

How does the loan work?

Through the scheme, a child can have a Wizzybug for as long as it is suitable (this is usually until they outgrow it). Whilst children have Wizzybugs, our occupational therapists keep in close contact with their families and are always available to give individual advice. When the loan has been completed, Wizzybug is returned to us so that we can refurbish it for another child.