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Sarah shares how an accessible pushchair would give her back her freedom

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Story Overview

Sarah has been helping to co-design our accessible pushchair for disabled parents and carers so that it meets the needs of manual wheelchair users.

Why people like Sarah need our help.

At home, Sarah can be everything for her children. She can achieve anything. But when she’s outdoors that completely changes.

“To leave the house, I need to find someone to help me push the pram, I can’t just pop to the park or shops and I become a sideline watcher to my child. The amount of days my babies wouldn’t sleep, what I would have given to be able to walk them round the block to calm them.”

How an Accessible Pushchair would help.

As a manual wheelchair user, it is challenging to find a safe and straightforward solution to take your young children out and about, as Sarah continues:

“Popping anywhere is hard with kids. If I don’t have the car, I can’t go at all. 

“I can’t join parents from nursery on a walk. 

“I don’t do baby groups because I can’t get to them.”

This pushchair would make Sarah unstoppable

I'd go to the splashpad, the playground, for fish and chips - I'd love to do that. I couldn't shop with a baby by myself, but I could put a basket with this.”

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How this design could make a difference.

With an accessible pushchair, parents and carers will be able to live the life that they choose, without barriers.

As Sarah puts it: “It’s like the change when you get your first car, suddenly you are free to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. True freedom.”

The Accessible Pushchair in action

See Sarah head out on a family day out with the help of our innovative Accessible Pushchair.

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