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Ollies’s mum explains how his world has been opened up thanks to Wizzybug

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Story Overview

At 18 months old, Ollie was able to get his first taste of true independence, thanks to his new Wizzybug powered wheelchair from Designability.

Why Ollie needed our help.

Ollie, 2, has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 which affects the strength of all of the muscles in his body and means he’s unable to walk or move without help.

Before he got a Wizzybug, Ollie was reliant on his mum and dad to carry him around. His movement was completely dependent on others at a time when he was desperate to explore on his own terms.

How Wizzybug has helped.

His mum told us: “I’ve finally been able to discover what it’s like to go out with an inquisitive toddler – suddenly a short walk becomes half a day’s outing because he wants to stop and look at everything along the way!”

Ollie uses his Wizzybug most days to do all of the activities that he loves. From playing in the garden, to driving to see the trains, right through to helping to bring in the wheelie bins.

His mum loves the Wizzybug Loan Scheme

“I’m so, so glad and thankful that those who fund the Wizzybug Loan Scheme have made this possible for Ollie. It’s opened up his world.”

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How we made a difference.

His mum added: “Ollie’s dad wasn’t able to be at the appointment when he took his first drive in Wizzybug but when we got it home he demonstrated it in the garden and very quickly rammed it into his legs!

“Daddy did have to tell him off but was secretly so pleased that Ollie had this new ability to be a bit naughty.”

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