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Laura shares how an accessible pushchair would have given them more chance to be a family

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Story Overview

Laura and her family have been helping us to test our new, innovative accessible pushchair to see if we have made it effective for the needs of disabled parents and carers.

Why people like Laura need our help.

Laura struggled to take her children out alone because she was unable to find a solution to how to transport everyone while using her manual wheelchair.

“I’d have killed for something like this. It’s like a dream compared to what I had to do with the pram. I can’t go anywhere on my own with my own child.

“This is much easier than what I’ve had to do – I’ve fallen in love with this, it’s lovely!”

How an Accessible Pushchair would help.

As well as the practical difficulties, disabled parents have told us about the emotional impact of having to be dependent on others to go out with their baby or toddler, and that this means they feel a ‘lesser’ parent. 

This is exactly why we felt compelled to adapt a conventional pushchair so that it is safely compatible with manual wheelchairs. 

In the future, this will mean disabled people like Laura will gain back their independence as parents and carers.

Laura thinks the design is amazing

That would have given me a hell of a lot more independence as a mother. It would have been a lifesaver.”

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How this design could make a difference.

Laura added: “It’s nice not to go “push, push” [with a hand pushing the pushchair and then pushing and steering a separate, non-connected, wheelchair in a straight line].

“This is awesome, this is! It feels sturdy. The independence that it will give future parents – it’s lovely!”

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