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Alfie’s mum shares how he now feels included thanks to his Wizzybug

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Story Overview

Alfie is now able to have the same experiences in life that any other child his age would have because his Wizzybug allows him to have the independence he craves.

Why Alfie needed our help.

Alfie has spina bifida which means he is unable to stand or walk but he was so keen to explore the world and be a typical toddler.

He loves going out with his grandparents and their two dogs for long country walks but he was having to be strapped in his pushchair and pushed along by his mum.

How Wizzybug has helped.

His mum told us: “I first heard about Wizzybug from doing my own research on the internet to find new equipment and recommendations from other parents.

“Alfie has taken it to nursery a few times and loves chasing his friends around the playground. I love the fact that he gets to be included now.”

His mum was overwhelmed witnessing his first go

His little face when he realised he could move around the room by himself was amazing. He kept going around in circles making himself laugh and beeping his horn.”

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How we made a difference

His mum added: “I was so surprised that we got the Wizzybug on loan at no cost! I had seen that some similar options retail for over £5,000 and knew I could never afford that as a single parent.

“Having something so wonderful for free is absolutely amazing and a massive relief off my shoulders.”

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