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Red for Wizzybug

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Three children sat in Wizzybug powered wheelchairs smiling at camera

Date: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a Wizzybug could be…

Current fundraising total...

£1,203.59 of £4,400

Special thanks go to:

  • A group of University of Bath students who have hosted a ‘Friends’ themed Quiz to raise money for Red for Wizzybug!
  • A group of University of Bath students who organised a hot chocolate and scone sale on campus

We are on a mission

On Giving Tuesday (3 December 2019), we want to raise enough money to fund and build a Wizzybug powered wheelchair for disabled children under 5 in ONE DAY. Yes, one day!

Here are the facts:

  • A Wizzybug powered wheelchair takes approx. 12 hours to build by our small team in a little workshop in central Bath.
  • We loan out Wizzybugs to families across the UK free of charge, but this is only made possible through donations and fundraising.

Please help us to change more children's lives

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to give back. It follows Black Friday which encourages people to spend money on materialistic things. This international campaign day has been established to give to those who may be in need.

By getting involved, you can inspire others to be a force for good.

This is an amazing opportunity to truly have a ‘People’s Wizzybug’ completely funded by you, our generous donors and fundraisers.

Here's how you could help

You could GO RED

What better way to pledge your support than to change your social media profiles to red for the whole of Tuesday 3 December? Raise awareness, share our mission and help us to generate some donations.

You could BAKE RED

Everyone loves a bake sale, but why not get out that red food colouring and make some red cakes to celebrate our special Wizzybug day?

You could WEAR RED

Grab your best red jumper, hats, skirts, dresses or trousers to put on and show your Wizzybug allegiance. You could even add some big cartoon eyes and mouth and transform into a Wizzybug!

There are lots of other ways you could get involved, if you’ve got your own fundraising idea, just let us know!