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The Triple8 Challenge

Help us to continue designing new products and supporting families across the UK

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Young child in a Wizzybug powered wheelchair by a duck pond

Designability are still busy designing new products and supporting families through the Wizzybug Loan Scheme.

But we need your help...

Your support now will help us change the future for disabled people

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the future for disabled people is even more challenging. We want to ensure we can continue to help provide new products and a range of services that bring greater independence.

Designability receives no statutory funding for its products or services. Most of the income we need to continue operating comes from voluntary donations.

We have exciting plans over the next three years to expand our Wizzybug Loan Scheme to help even more disabled children, as well as launching new products to help disabled people of all ages. We don’t want to stop but we need your help to keep going!

Can you get us to 888 miles?

In the UK today, we have Wizzybugs wizzing around in the Shetland Isles and all through the country, right down to Cornwall! The distance between the two furthest apart Wizzybugs is 888 miles.

So we want to invite you to join us for the Triple8 Challenge.

Many of us are making the most of the opportunity to do some form of daily exercise by getting out and about walking, running or cycling. Others are counting their steps in the house, number of times up and down the stairs, or laps around the garden.

We are inviting you to donate your distance to the Triple8 Challenge and help us cover 888 miles together.

You can do this by visiting the campaign page over on JustGiving.

How your Triple8 Challenge can make a difference

As part of your challenge, we would love you to either make a donation for taking part, or set up your own fundraising page to ask others to sponsor you.

The Triple8 Challenge is open to anyone so invite friends, family, work colleagues to take part too and, if you’re not able to donate your distance, we’ve popped a few fun alternative suggestions below to get you started!

If you don't donate your distance, you could:

  • Invite 8 people to take part in a virtual quiz with you
  • Share your favourite 8 ingredient recipes
  • Declutter & Donate 8 items you no longer want in your home using Ziffit
  • 88 piece Lego challenge, what can you build with 88 pieces?
  • Can you count 88 flowers and/or animals in your garden?
  • Make an 88 song lockdown playlist and share

Here's what people have been getting up to

A huge thank you goes to…

Young boy in Wizzybug powered wheelchair outside

Adnan (pictured above), his family and his Wizzybug who are currently doing an 8 week / 888km collective challenge. Relatives of all generations will be riding, running, walking and wizzing to meet the total distance!

Stephen who rode 444 virtual miles on his e-bike from the comfort of home and made a kind donation to Designability.

Catharine, Designability’s Chief Executive, who is running 8km each week for 8 weeks in less than 8min per km. She is an absolute beginner, so this is quite a feat!

[Picture: © 2020, Sara Brown, Rocking Horse Photography Ltd]