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Viridor chose Designability to be their Charity of the Year

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Viridor were looking at choosing a new cause to support having backed the same charity for a number of years.

Why they picked Wizzybug

One of our employees, William Rushgrove, suggested the Wizzybug Loan Scheme run by Designability who were being supported by his brother, Ben. The scheme really struck a chord with us all because nearly all of our staff are either parents or grandparents. We all recognised the real benefits of the scheme and, as parents ourselves, felt we could genuinely relate to the immense assistance the charity provides to those living with a disability.

How Wizzybug inspired them to go that extra mile

The Wizzybug Loan Scheme inspired our staff to do fundraising activities that they never would have considered doing before. One ran a marathon and another took part in a challenging motorcycle beach race. The office staff and many of our visitors took part in various themed events where certain members dressed up in costume for the entertainment of others! Our fundraising efforts encouraged us to continue our excellent safety record – we work in a particularly dangerous industry which sadly claims the lives of people every year but, at Filton, no one has even so much as cut their finger in many years. As a result of this safe performance, Viridor operates a scheme whereby it donates £5 per employee for each month that passes without incident, which we then donate to our chosen charity. We take great pride in our achievement and it gives us enormous satisfaction to think that disabled children can benefit directly from our work.

Their thoughts about Designability

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the workshops where the Wizzybugs are made and maintained and was impressed at the passion with which the loan scheme’s staff treated the importance of their roles. I could sense that everyone really believed in what they were doing and that it was unusually satisfying work.

We have found that, as fundraisers, we have been treated as very important contributors to the charity’s cause. Having fundraised for Designability for over a year, I would recommend them as a worthy cause to any potential businesses looking for a charity to support.
Wayne Mortimer, Operations Manager, Viridor (Filton)

Inspired by Viridor’s efforts?

If your team would like to fundraise for us, please drop our fundraising team an email or call 01225 824103.