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Building a brand new home for Designability

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Little girl rides Wizzybug in playroom

The next chapter in the Designability story

Designability is at an exciting turning point in its 50 year history and we are about to embark on our next chapter: a brand new charity home.

From 1968 until now, we have created over 300 products which have changed the lives of over 250,000 people living with a disability or long-term health condition.

But we know that we could help even more people. We just need more room to grow as we look to the next 50 years.

Building for the future

We are in the remarkably fortunate position of having a £2.5m grant from The ACT Foundation already agreed, to fund the construction of a new, state of art, fully accessible building.

What we do not have is funding to make the new charity house a home.

We want to ensure that our new premises meets all of the needs of the people that we support.

What we could do with your help

We need to raise £750,000 to fit out the workshops and to employ additional engineering and design staff to ensure that we operate at capacity from the outset.    

Our new home offers us a wealth of new opportunities to design and engineer products and cutting-edge technology that will make a big difference.

To be able to do this, we need your help.

If you would like to contribute to our future, please donate today.

A wonderful world for Wizzybugs

With your help, our new home will include a workshop and service space for Wizzybugs that is beyond our wildest dreams. It could enable us to help many, many more than the 600 families we have already met:

  • Getting Wizzybugs to children sooner with a workshop with more space to build and refurbish Wizzybugs, increasing our capacity and reducing waiting times.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety for families with improved access and facilities for families who come to visit Designability from across the UK.
  • Helping children to feel ready for their assessment with a dedicated clinical space set up to be welcome to families.
  • Offering an outdoor space for children to explore in their Wizzy.
  • Giving greater privacy for parents and therapists to talk to our clinicians.

New product development

Over the next five years our new home could enable us to:

  • Enhance the lives of over 20,000 people living with a disability by developing 10 new assistive technology products
  • Build over 300 Wizzybugs each year, to give twice as many children with disabilities the gift of independence and fun
  • Work with an extra 1000 people in community workshops to co-design better products for people of all ages

Applied research

Over the next five years our new home could enable us to:

  • Offer the potential of comfortable, functional seating for many of the 6,000 children living with dystonic cerebral palsy
  • Support 250,000 people who need help with their daily care needs, through assistive robotics and smart transport solutions
  • Provide everyday support for many of the 1.75 million people in the UK with cognitive impairments through virtual reality

Educate and inspire

Over the next five years our new home could enable us to:

  • Support access to work with apprenticeships for 10 young people with physical or cognitive impairments
  • Support 10 undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and design students to develop new enabling technologies
  • Inspire future designers and engineers through hands on training programmes

Contribute to our future foundations

We are looking for 50 supporters who will each pledge to raise £5,000 towards our first £250,000.  You will become the Founders of our new home.

Your commitment will be physically built into the walls of the engineering and design workshops in our new building and you will have a special invitation to the opening of the new building early in 2020.

But, most of all, you will be contributing to our future foundations.