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Hazel Boyd

User Interface Engineer

Picture of Hazel Boyd

Hazel works directly with users to understand needs and develop assistive technologies.

A bit more about Hazel

Hazel’s core area of work is designing technology for people living with dementia. Her activities are a combination of research, input into the design of products, and consultancy work providing expertise to other organisations.


MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath (2002)

PhD in “ Measurement of Functional Wrist Motion ”, Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics, University of Bath (2009)


Research Assistant in the Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics, University of Bath

OsteoTec Ltd (TCS placement scheme with the University of Bath)

Expertise and interests

  • Carrying out research into problems which require assistive technology solutions
  • Developing and carrying out user engagement with a wide range of disabled people, carers, older people and professional stakeholders to gather their views and convert these into design requirements
  • Engaging sensitively with people who have dementia and their carers in order to understand their abilities and preferences
  • Detailed knowledge of the impact of short-term memory loss on everyday living
  • Flexible iterative design approaches for designing assistive technology that is usable by people with dementia
  • Applying user interface design heuristics to evaluate existing and prototype technology
  • Giving talks on academic research and public engagement on topics of expertise e.g. technology talks to carers groups
  • Orthopaedic design, including small-joint replacement.