Our strategy 2020-23

Our strategy

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How we are working to enable disabled people to live with greater independence

Building on our history to date

Designability recently commemorated 50 years of designing and making products that help disabled people and those living with long-term health conditions; celebrating the many successes and milestones we have achieved in that time.

We want to look ahead  at what we would like to achieve in the coming years.

This strategy aims to set key objectives until 2023 to ensure that we have a clear plan to maximise our impact and do the best we can for disabled people.

Helping disabled people overcome challenges

We will be a charity known nationally for a vibrant programme of new and established products created in partnership with the people they are intended for.

We will work with nationally recognised leaders in disability and design across public life, academia and business.

This new strategy has been created to ensure that we deliver the greatest impact we can and are effective in helping disabled people with the challenges they face and the opportunities they meet in their day to day lives.

Our 2020-23 Strategy