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Working for Designability

The Designability team features people with a wide range of skills and qualifications. Our team includes mechanical and electronics engineers, workshop technicians, product designers, occupational and physiotherapists, fundraisers, researchers and administrators. We are keen to employ people who have a passion for enhancing the lives of others through their work and who are truly interested in the work we do.

Our staff tell us they enjoy the friendly and collaborative environment and are very proud to work for Designability.

Any current career or placement opportunities at Designability will be advertised below.

More about our recruitment process

The University of Bath support the majority of our recruitment needs and most applications are made through the University of Bath Jobs website. We also choose to follow University of Bath human resources Terms and Conditions of Employment. However, Designability is a fully independent charity and our staff contracts are not with the university.

If you are interested in work experience or a placement as part of your studies please email us at info@designability.org.uk.