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Isaac’s mum tells us how Wizzybug has given him the chance to explore the world

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Story Overview

Isaac is finally getting to experience what other 3-year-olds can do thanks to his very first powered wheelchair designed for children just like him.

Why Isaac needed our help.

Isaac, 3, has cerebral palsy which was caused by his premature birth at 31 weeks. His disability means that he is unable to walk.

Although Isaac could not physically move himself around, he is a really bright young boy which meant that he was so desperate to be mobile.

How Wizzybug has helped.

The Wizzybug has already changed so many things for the better for Isaac.

His mum said: “He loves using it on trips to the farm and doing ‘donuts’ in it!

“The other day I went into the living room to find he’d pulled all the sofa cushions off and put them on the floor which is something that never would have been possible before without his wheels.

“As a parent it’s really hard to see your child want to do something so badly but not be able to do it because they’re stuck in one place.”

His mum loves seeing what he can do thanks to Wizzybug

“Now he can experience the world more like his sister does and play with her more freely. It just helps him to explore like other children his age while he’s using it.”

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How we made a difference.

Isaac got his Wizzybug when he was only 2 from local charity Mae Murray Foundation who are a partner organisation for the Wizzybug Loan Scheme. Mae Murray carry out the handovers in Northern Ireland on behalf of Designability who build them over in Somerset.

Laura added: “I still fondly remember our first trip out when Isaac got his Wizzybug – we went to a local café and as I briefly turned my back I noticed he drove over to the crisps to grab his favourite kind.

“Many people take those sorts of moments for granted but to me it was the first of many firsts for Isaac. It was really special.

“I’m so very grateful for Designability designing something that supports a child that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience any independence. It’s given him a much better quality of life.”

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