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Bella’s mum shares how they now have hope for the future thanks to Wizzybug

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Story Overview

Bella and her family now know what she is capable of thanks to the freedom and mobility that Wizzybug has given her.

Why Bella needed our help.

Bella, 2, has cerebral palsy and is unable to move around without being carried by her mum or dad.

Before she got her Wizzybug, she was having to sit and look on while her family and friends took part in things that she could only watch. She was desperate to move around but needed a way to do this freely and easily.

How Wizzybug has helped.

Her mum told us: “Bella’s physiotherapist recommended a Wizzybug to us and we thought we had nothing to lose and applied for one straight away.

“Seeing how well she has taken to controlling her own movements using her Wizzybug makes me so proud. It’s a joy to witness her choosing where she wants to go, chasing her friends around in the garden and going to nursery and playing in it.

Her mum loves doing the gardening with Bella

We love doing gardening together – Bella will help my husband and I to take things to the bin and do the weeding. It’s been really lovely.

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How we made a difference.

Her mum added: “When we were told Bella had cerebral palsy we had no idea what life might be like, or what would happen. 

“But Wizzybug and Designability has given us hope and now we feel like there are things out there to help Bella to all that she chooses to do.”

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