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Wizzybug Loan Scheme

What is a Wizzybug?

Wizzybug is a powered wheelchair for young disabled children under 5.

It offers children fun, independence and freedom of movement, often for the first time in their lives.

Suitable for children aged 14 months – around 5 years (a maximum weight of 20kg) to explore indoors, outdoors and off-road.

Wizzybug helps children with any condition or developmental delay that affects their ability to walk, including those who do not yet have a diagnosis.

What impact does Wizzybug have?

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children have been helped through the loan scheme
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About the Wizzybug Loan Scheme

We provide Wizzybugs free of charge to families in the UK. They are fully funded by donations which enables us to give them to young children to use until they outgrow it.

You can complete an online application today, or request a paper version if you prefer. Your application will be reviewed by our in-house clinicial team and someone will be in touch to arrange your handover appointment.

What to know before applying for your Wizzybug

We have put together a couple of guides to help you decide if Wizzybug is right for your child.

Take a look at the User Requirements to ensure Wizzybug is suitable and if you have any questions our friendly team are available to offer advice.

Before starting your application please read the How to measure your child guide so you have everything you need for your application.

Wizzybug Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


User Requirements

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How to Measure your Child

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Apply for a Wizzybug

Resources for Clinical Professionals.

If you’re a clinical professional and want to know more about the Wizzybug Loan Scheme, how to refer a family, or the benefits of early years powered mobility in general, whizz over to our resources for clinicians section for more information.

Where you’ll find Wizzybug

If you’d like to see a Wizzybug up close then come along and meet the team at an event or exhibition near you.

Wizzybug FAQs

Wizzybugs are completely free to all families throughout the UK, as long as your child meets the user requirements.
Wizzybugs are always free to all families throughout the UK. We will not ask for any information about your personal financial circumstances.
No, applying is easy! Just click Apply Now on this page to start your application. Our friendly team are on hand if you need any assistance.
Each child can have a Wizzybug for as long as they need it, this is usually when they outgrow it. Our clinical team will keep in contact throughout your loan and are always available to offer advice. When the loan is completed, Wizzybug is returned to us so we can refurbish it ready for another child.
We cannot provide a specific waiting time as this may vary, but we advise you to return your application form as quickly as you can. Once your application is approved we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient handover appointment. The average waiting time from application is 16 weeks or less.
Your therapist will make sure your child can be seated safely and comfortably in Wizzybug, make any adjustments and show you how to do this yourself. Don’t worry, there is no driving assessment at your Wizzybug appointment! They will talk you through the instructions for use and how to make basic adjustments to Wizzybug, and give you some tips and games you can play with your child to get them used to using their new Wizzybug. At the end of the appointment you will take away your Wizzybug.
We do not have a strict age range and will assess your application based on your child’s size and level of understanding. You can read more about this in the Wizzybug User Requirements.
Most children starting with a Wizzybug are not able to drive and will take some time to learn this skill. Even accidental knocking of the joystick can lead to a learning experience. Research has demonstrated that any experience of movement is important for development.
With supervision and support children with a visual impairment can be encouraged to experience the action of movement. Research has demonstrated that this can help children to develop visual maps of their environment.
We have many different joystick options available that you can try and we are confident we can help find one that suits your child.
This does not necessarily stop a child from having a Wizzybug. We will give individualised advice on a case by case basis. The Wizzybug has a carer control that can be used when required.
Wizzybug can be used as part of a complementary selection of mobility aids. Research has demonstrated that skills learnt through powered mobility can transfer to other means of mobility.
Wizzybug can be used indoors, outdoors and off-road and will fit through a standard doorframe. Many children use their Wizzybug at nursery or just for family outings.
Wizzybug is designed to fit in a car boot and can easily be taken apart to transport if needed.

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